ROYALTON -- Morrison County authorities are looking for two men who broke into a home north of Royalton.

The incident happened at about 10:45 a.m. Tuesday at a home along 160th Avenue in Bellevue Township.

Sheriff Shawn Larsen says one suspect was waiting inside a vehicle, while the other suspect broke the door handle off the front door of the home to get inside.

The homeowner was home at the time of the incident and scared off the intruder.

Larsen says the suspect, who entered the home, is described as wearing a black hooded Carhartt style jacket, brown pants and a black beanie winter cap.

The second suspect, who was waiting in the vehicle, is described as wearing a black hooded jacket and black beanie cap.

Both suspects left in a full-size black, four door SUV with tinted windows.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the vehicle is asked to contact the Morrison County Sheriff's Office at 320-632-9233.