When I was a kid, growing up in southwest Minnesota, I was a member of the Delhi Loyal Scotties 4-H club, and it was GREAT!

I learned a ton about the stereotypical things - gardening, livestock, cooking and baking - but I also made a ton of friends with whom I still stay in touch, and I also carry a lot of those life-lessons with me today.

Fast forward from the late 60's to today, and you'll find that 4-H is not only alive and well, it is growing by leaps and bounds, and not in the rural, ag-dominated areas of the country - but in urban areas!

I recently talked with Dr. Madonna Weese about Minnesota 4-H club members who have a nice feather to put in their caps:  They are making sure that young kids in their neighborhoods don't go hungry over the summer.

It is a story that once again illustrates "Minnesota Nice" is alive and well in the younger generation, and that the kids are learning the importance of taking care of one another.

It's about responsibility, too, and it's right here: