BUFFALO -- A number of Wright County citizens are being notified of a private data breach by a county employee.

Letters have been mailed to impacted individuals whose private data was brought home by the former worker. County officials say the employee has been fired, the data has been retrieved and returned to the county, and there is no indication the data was sold or distributed.

Officials say while the county policy investigation is complete, a criminal investigation is ongoing.

Officials say even though the data is back in the county's possession, they wanted citizens who are impacted to be alerted to the situation.

If you received a letter regarding the Wright County data incident, it provides contact information on how to get a copy of the investigative report or have any questions you may have answered through a phone number, email or U.S. Postal Service address.

Toll free information line: 866-680-3212
Email: info@wrightcountydataincident.com
Address:  Wright County Data Incident-6354
PO Box 44
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044