Here's a WJON FlashBriefing for July 20, 2017.



SEVERE WEATHER -- Warm and humid -- but dry -- today. But showers and thunderstorms return Friday and Saturday. And we could see severe weather and heavy rain both days.


RIVER RESCUED -- Two kids rescued from the Sauk River last night after the inner tubes they were on broke free and started floating down the river with the kids on them. They're okay.


MOTORCYCLE-DEER CRASH -- A Kingston man, hurt when a motorcyclist hit a deer just west of Rockford on Highway 55 early this morning. 55-year-old James Nielson, hospitalized with minor head injuries.


WARRANT ARREST -- Police arrested a Rice man after they ran a license plate of a suspicious car. 34-year-old Phillip Adkins -- jailed on a felony warrant out of St. Louis County for electronic solicitation of children.


MINK RELEASE -- A national organization -- The Fur Commission USA -- is offering a $10-thousand reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of whoever released as many as 40,000 mink from an Eden Valley area fur farm. A spokesman for the group says they've been working with other area ranchers to help rescue the surviving mink. But the group expects many of the released mink will die in the wild from exposure and dehydration.

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