Weather models are different than forecasts. I'll type it again. Weather models are different than forecasts. A Minnesota-based meteorologist shared a post yesterday that had me pretty shaken up. The post featured a weather model that was dumping 10 inches of snow in Minnesota next week. I'm certainly glad weather models aren't forecasts.

Oh wow. Again. Just a model here. NOT a Forecast. It’s the European model-but looks like it wants to give us a repeat of the April Blizzard of 2018. I just had my summer tires put on. Say it ain’t so!! Let’s hope this is just a model fluke. I literally cannot believe it.

The person behind the post, Meteorologist Bohdan Cole of Bo Knows Weather, stressed that his post was just a model and NOT a forecast, but these models give meteorologists an idea of what COULD happen when they are creating weather forecasts.

Image Credit: Shea - TSM
Image Credit: Shea - TSM

Looking at actual forecasts for next week, as this model is for April 19th, next Wednesday, it's looking like temps are predicted to be in the upper 50s and there is a chance of rain next Thursday, not snow. (We are still a LONG way off from even this being correct)

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Don't fall for the weather MODELS that people may show online, just remember a MODEL isn't a forecast.

Until next week comes we are looking at some pretty spectacular weather, get out and enjoy it, oh and don't forget to bring us along! Download our FREE app, as it might make you some $$$ or take you on a DREAM GETAWAY!

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