I never thought I would see the day when sports were taken away from us in one fell swoop. Basketball, hockey, baseball -POOF- all gone with no solid timetable on their return.

I miss going to games with my kid. He's only two but loves going to the events to eat treats and learn about sports. He loves the Zamboni, the referee's whistle and the music played during a break in the action.

I miss having a game on in the background of my day. I specifically miss being able to turn on a baseball game in the garage while I clean it out or grill dinner.

I miss second-guessing general managers and coaches on my radio show. When your entire life has revolved around sports for 38 years, it's a bit jarring when it deserts you.

I miss calling my dad and grandpa and complaining about the Vikings/Twins/Wild. Sure, I still call them regularly, but it's becoming tougher and tougher to find things to complain about! We're almost having positive conversations at this point!

Mostly, I miss the camaraderie and fellowship that comes with being a fan. The sense of community, of togetherness. For better or worse (usually worse), I am a Minnesota sports fan along with millions of other people.

Eventually, we will get sports back and eventually I will go back to complaining about everything related to my favorite teams. But what I would give right now to see Mike Zimmer call a draw play on 3rd and 11.


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