All the rain we've been having got me to thinking about what happens when the soil get saturated -
and where does what is in the soil end up?

It is something that affects everyone from gardeners and agribusiness to fishermen and the kids at the pool!

As luck would have it, we're about a week away from a healthy watershed workshop, and the developer of the Watershed Assessment Tool - Beth Knudsen from the Minnesota DNR - is kind enough to join me on the air to talk about it on Wendesday morning.  (If you're interested in attending the workshop, click the link and go to the "Land Use Options" tab).

Of course, we'll have the latest rainfall totals and the impact on Central Minnesota.

You also need to have your calendar ready to be filled in when we review the "can't miss" events of next week's CAN AM POLICE-FIRE GAMES, this week's Granite City Days, and 'tis the Summer Solstice.

You know what happens next, right?

The above is just a bit of what is on the agenda for Wednesday morning on WJON.

Stay dry, and thanks for listening!