WAITE PARK -- Waite Park wants to add an Underage Consumption Diversion Program to provide another option from minors caught drinking.

During tonight's (Monday) Waite Park City Council meeting, the council will look to approve a Joint Powers Agreement with St. Cloud State University to set up an alcohol education class with the school.

Waite Park Police Chief David Bentrud says he has talked with other area departments about the program and the success it has brought.

"We heard about this program from St. Cloud police and had the opportunity to talk with SCSU's UChoice program and found it's been very successful at limiting repeat minor consumption's," says Bentrud.

The program offers individuals 18-20-years-old who have been charged with minor consumption a chance to receive education and prevention services, instead of receiving another minor.

The class costs $230 for each individual participating and Bentrud says the city will get a small portion of that fee.

"A small percentage of the fee does go back to the city for it's time for processing these cases," says Bentrud.

St. Cloud currently participates in the program.

Bentrud says he expects the council to approve the agreement, and if it passes, will go into effect right away.