WAITE PARK -- Voluntary testing on three Waite Park wells have turned up some PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals.

PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that break down very slowly over time and enter the water system through ground water. Examples include food paper wrappings, upholstery, carpeting and fire-fighting foams.

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The level of PFAS found in all three wells are slightly over the recommended Health Risk Index of 1 as determined by the Minnesota Department of Health.

City officials say the sampling was done as a voluntary, proactive measure, and they are not in violation of any drinking water regulations.

The city says they are committed to providing residents and businesses with safe drinking water and are being proactive working with MDH officials to determine the best process to remove or reduce the level of PFAS within the drinking water.


The city is also working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to determine a source of the contamination can be verified.

Waite Park officials are encouraging all residents and business to become part of the solution and educate themselves on the environmental impacts and health risks associated with PFAS.


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