ST. CLOUD -- The Cathedral High School boy band is back from their trip to Chicago yesterday (Saturday) where they were invited to audition for the well-known television show, "America's Got Talent Season Eight."

The four students met in their concert choir class and decided to form an a cappella group this past November called, The Ratio.

Students; Bryce Johnson, Chris Hornung, Tom Imhote and Joe Weir performed three songs for the show's producers.

They were then asked to perform for the show's executive producer. Hornung's father, Mike Hornung says it was a long day for the boys.

After their vocal performances producers asked The Ratio to pose for photos.

He says, "Overall I thought that they nailed their audition."

On their plane ride home last night (Saturday) Mike Hornung says The Ratio sang a few songs for the passengers who all applauded and wished them luck.

He says it could take anywhere from two weeks to two months before they find out if they will move on and perform for celebrity judges; Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

We will continue to keep you updated as the group progresses.

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