ST. CLOUD - A 14,000 pound vehicle with the ability to weather a 150 mph tornado was parked in the middle of the SCSU campus on Wednesday.

The Tornado Intercept Vehicle, called the TIV 2, is an anchored, steel-armored Dodge truck frame with a large bulletproof glass turret for capturing storm footage. The TIV 2 arrived through the Minnesota Science Museum.

Mike Day is the Senior Vice President of the Science Museum, and one of the Executive Producers of "Tornado Alley," an IMAX film about tornado chasing which features footage shot from the TIV 2.

He says the vehicle has captured video from tornadoes throughout the country - including here in Minnesota.

Day says the TIV 2 has been in the path of 6 F3-level tornadoes.

Around 1,000 tornadoes touch down in the United States every year. They're known to carry objects as heavy as cars up to a mile.