June 4, 1996 – November 9, 2020


Thomas Alton Benton “Little Al” passed away on November 9th, at the age of 24.

He was a bright and funny young man with an infectious personality. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Survived by mother, Jennifer Lee; grandparents, Alton and Roberta Lee; sisters, Alexis Lee (Luis Robles; Gloria) and Olivia Barthel (Adam Barthel); brothers, Tim Benton and Matthew Benton, and many friends and family.

He was preceded in death by his father, Robert Benton Jr.

Tommy had a way of lighting up any room he walked into. He had a sense of humor like no other, he always wanted to lift people up when they were down. He had a heart of gold and loved his friends and family beyond measure. He always wanted each person he knew to know how loved they were. He marched to the beat of his own drum and was wise beyond his years. He always had the right thing to say, even if it was too much, or completely inappropriate.

He grew up with a love for animals and nature. He spent a lot of time with his pets, fishing, and going on hikes. He had a love for movies and music. He could remember every line to any movie and song, after only hearing it once. He had an eclectic taste in music, from Eminem to Pink.

Despite growing up, he was still a kid at heart, always texting his sisters asking for their Disney Plus password. He enjoyed video games. He grew up playing the Simpsons Road Rage and Spongebob with his siblings, to now playing Fortnite with his buddies. He had a sweet tooth and had an appetite for junk food. But he appreciated making a home cooked meal. On the rare occasion he drank, it was so he could enjoy a strawberry margarita, blended!

He was always entertaining whether he was putting on heeley shows in the basement as a kid, or spitting original raps into adulthood. He was a born comedian, always making those around him laugh uncontrollably.

Most important to him, he loved spending time with his family.

Tommy was born in Fridley Minnesota, and grew up around the Elk River area. He then found himself in Colorado, where he was close to his brother, Matt.

Despite the distance, the bond with all of his loved ones remained strong.

Tommy was truly one of a kind, and will be missed immensely!

“A fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reasons for staying ashore”
- Vincent Van Gogh