ST. CLOUD -- The next TEDx event in St. Cloud is coming up. The third annual talk is next Thursday, October 10th at the Paramount Center for the Arts in downtown St. Cloud.

Spokesman Brian Hart says the local event looks just like the iconic TED Talks you've seen on-line.

If you've watched a TED Talk and you've seen the speaker stand on the red dot you'll see the iconic red dot on our stage as well.

Hart says they're also required to provide a video after the event for even more people to see.

We video all of the talks and edit them after the event and once they've been reviewed by TED in New York they get posted on their YouTube channel.

This year's speakers include Steve Henningsgard a former touring musician and current product manager at Geo-Comm, Matthew Julius who leads a biomass production team at St. Cloud State University, and Jashmin Nakarmi originally from Nepal.

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