SAUK RAPIDS -- It's a homecoming many veterans have been waiting for, and today (Tuesday) those fallen heroes will be remembered at the Benton County Fair.

A half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial known as "The Wall That Heals" will call the fairgrounds home for the next week.

"This is an incredible journey for the fair and the community," says Tetz.

Tim Tetz is the Director of Outreach of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. He says having the wall at the fair is a unique experience for visitors.

"The get to touch and feel the wall and share stories with their family members about their buddies and to remember that is a unique experience in your own back yard," says Tetz.

The fair board and several veterans have been working for about three years to bring the wall to the area.

Since its dedication in 1996, the wall has visited 350 cities across the United States. Tetz says, along with the wall, you can also view the mobile educational center.

"It has a timeline of the war, a map about where in the country they were and then we have three display panels that show some of the 400,000 items left at the actual wall," says Tetz.

The exhibit will be at the fair until Sunday evening. Tetz says don't wait until the last minute to see the wall in person.

"If you have or haven't seen the real wall, you really need to come down and see this and what's unique about it and defiantly come down and see this at night, it's just magical at night," says Tetz.

The wall is next the the 4-H Exhibit building and Sports Arena East.

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Crews begin to set up the 250 foot replica Vietnam Veterans memorial at the Benton County Fair. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)