Given the sheer amount of information on the internet it can be easy to read a story and simply forget it 30 seconds later. However, there are some stories you just can't forget.

The case of the Pequot Lakes pooper is a prime example of the latter.

This story was originally reported by the Pine Lakes Echo Journal: 

In 2015, a man and a child walked into the Pequot Lakes Dairy Queen and ordered ice cream cones. While the employee made the food, the pair went off to use the restroom.

When they came back to the counter to get their food, they informed the manager that 'someone' had made a huge, poopy mess all over the bathroom. When the employees went to check it out and clean up the mess, the man and child stole the Kids Against Hunger charity jar, which held about $250 in funds intended to, again, help kids fight hunger.

Also of note, the grown man left with the jar AND a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cone but the kid left empty-handed. For shame.

There are so many questions that need answering here: 

- When the guy and kid went into the bathroom, did one of them really smear poop while the other watched?

- Would it be weirder if it was the kid that was made to smear the poop, or the adult doing it while the kid watched?

- How was this plan hatched? "Hey, look at that full jar of charity money. What say we go into a stall and smear feces everywhere then steal the money?"

- It appeared that they both had some sort of disguise on (the kid's hat, glasses and huge shirt in particular). Was this pre-planned?

- When the pair got in the car, how could you possibly talk about what you did? How could you feel good about it?

- What is this kid's life going to turn out like?

As far as we know, the case was never solved. However, it did have a happy ending: a GoFundMe was started for Kids Against Hunger, which ended up raising $485.

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