Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays where eating takes center stage.  Christine Brown is the Medical Weight Loss Manager at Rejuv Medical.  She joined me on WJON's Health Matter program this week.  Brown says unhealthy holiday eating doesn't have to ruin a person's weight loss plan.  She says there are many ways people can adjust the typical Thanksgiving meal without ruining the holiday experience.

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Brown says each get together should start with a veggie tray with healthy digs like hummus.  She says the healthiest way to prepare the turkey is the typical way by cooking it in the oven.  She says avoid large dinner rolls, lots of butter and gravy.  Brown says lots of vegetables with a healthy dessert can be included in the meal.  She says it is always good to stay away from high calorie beverages and just stick to water.

Brown says finding time in the day to exercise either before the meal or with family afterward is a great way to stay on your weight loss plan.  She says if you a day of over indulging that shouldn't ruin all of the work you have put in.

My 4-part conversation with Christine Brown is available below.






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