Last week we told you about an awesome snow sculpture made by Becker resident Paul Larcom. Over the weekend, Larcom painted his gigantic tyrannosaurus rex sculpture and the results are amazing!

PHOTO: Cathy Crocker via Facebook
PHOTO: Cathy Crocker via Facebook

Look at the detail on that thing! The sheer size and colors are amazing too! The teeth really look razor-sharp, the scales are all there and even that weird red tendon-thing dinos have on their jaw is there in all its blood-red glory! My only question is how he got that thing to stay standing.. it looks really top-heavy!

Cathy Crocker posted the picture on Facebook. A second grade teacher, she says she always jokes with her students that she used to ride a dinosaur to school.

I'm a second grade teacher and I like to tell my students I road a dinosaur to school when I was their age. I tell them I rode the "Sinclair" dinosaur unless I was running late, then I'd grab my T-Rex.

The colossal fossil is located on Sherburne Avenue in Becker.

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