ST. CLOUD -- Students in the Junior Achievement Program at Tech High School got an opportunity to learn from local bankers about starting a company.

The students are attempting to start up a Tech Tigers apparel company called Tech Apparel, and presented a proposal to two bankers from Bank Vista in St. Cloud on Monday afternoon.

"When I walked in it was pretty nerve-racking," says group leader Kenny Rivet, a senior at Tech. "[But] everybody had a lot of good information that they got from their groups within the company, so I think it went pretty well."

Students were aiming for a one-year loan to start the apparel company that would sell to current students as well as alumni of Tech High School.

"I think they did a pretty good job," says Saasha Peterson of Bank Vista. "You could tell they were very nervous, but overall, they covered their bases and knew what they were talking about."

Peterson says she enjoyed the time connecting with the potential future customers and colleagues and she's confident they will get the loan.

"After we discuss it in length, I feel [confident] they will be approved."