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Minor Changes for City of Sartell [PODCAST]
Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum joined me on WJON today. He said some services will now be done remotely while essential services like fire, police, water and sewer will continue as usual despite the Covid-19 virus concerns.
Sartell Wrapping Up Road Projects [PODCAST]
Sartell is finishing up some road work projects this summer/fall. One of which is the celebration alleyway project and the other bigger project is the east side streets project. Work on the east side streets project has been hampered by large amounts of rain.
Sartell Mayor Passes The Torch [PODCAST]
Sartell Mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll and Sartell Mayor-Elect Ryan Fitzhum joined me on WJON today. Sarah Jane reflected on her 4 years as Mayor and previous 4 years on the Sartell City Council. She is happy with the progress they made with road and infrastructure, the Sartell Community Center and home …
Podcast; Sartell Mayor 8-29-18 [AUDIO]
Sartell Mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll joined me on WJON today. We talked about the possible new stage for concert at Lake Francis near the Sartell Community Center, road report updates, a budget update and outdoor patio seating at the River Boat Depot next spring.

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