MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ A man charged with stabbing two shoppers at the Mall of
America has a history of mental illness.

Prosecutors charged 20-year-old Mahad Abdiraham with two counts of assault causing great bodily harm.

The complaint says Abdiraham began slashing a 19-year-old man as the victim was coming out of a dressing room Sunday at Macy's. The man was cut in the face, head, and arms and had to undergo a blood transfusion.

The complaint says the victim's 25-year-old brother tried to help and was cut
in the hands and back, requiring 42 stitches.

Abdiraham's initial court appearance is Wednesday. It's unclear if he has an

Abdiraham was charged with stabbing two staff members with a pen last year at an in-patient psychiatric unit. Court records show he was acquitted due to mental illness.