UNDATED -- If your neighbor asked to borrow some money, would you lend it to them? Apparently we Minnesotans are much more generous than other parts of the country.


A new survey conducted by the company Windows USA says Minnesotans would lend an average of $299 to a neighbor. That makes us the third most generous. Alaskans have the biggest hearts for their neighbors, they'd lend an average of $706.

On the other end of the scale, North Dakotans are the least generous averaging just $16 that they'd be willing to give to a neighbor.

The average American would wait about a month-and-a-half before asking for repayment. And, one-tenth would charge interest.

Other interesting results of the survey, in the past year the average American household spent less than four days hanging out with their neighbors. That's despite 42-percent saying they consider their neighbors as friends.

Forty-two-percent would not give their neighbors a spare key.