COLD SPRING -- ROCORI Superintendent John Thein says the district is seeing good enrollment to start the new school year.

Really our enrollment is up a little, over our original budget estimate, and that's good news. The growth is coming in the secondary schools. We thought we would have some families attend this school year that would have overloaded classes in the elementary schools, but they made a different decision.

During Monday's school board meeting, the board was presented the enrollment as of September 1st.

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Overall, the district has 2,371 total students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

The largest growth in the district was in 12th grade with 245 students, roughly 20 more then the district had projected for this school year.

Meanwhile, the district saw the biggest decline in 6th grade with 154 total students, which is 11 fewer students than projected.

Thein says the district's enrollment numbers will fluctuate throughout the year as families leave and enter the district for a variety of reasons. Pictures

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