It's getting to be that time of year that's allegedly filled with joy but tends to create a lot of stress in most of us. It's not just the holidays. There may be many factors that spark that stress hormone in us.  What are yours?

For many, it's their job. Maybe your spending 40 plus hours a week stuck in a soul sucking cubicle or assembly line. That clock just doesn't move fast enough and when you are finally released for the day, you're too tired to think about anything but whipping up a meal and heading to bed to rest up for another day of the same.

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The real stress is in those that can't leave work at work. Loss of sleep worrying about what's waiting for you the next day. Being constantly aware that we are all replaceable, so we'd all better remain somewhat valuable to our employer. Who wouldn't be stressed out?

Then there are the many other stress factors, relationships, finances, etc. I often think, that if it weren't for all the stress in our lives, we might all live to be 100.

The people that absolutely love their job are the real lucky ones. I've always told people that my job is also my hobby. Thus, I'm pretty low in the stress department. Don't get me wrong, it's there. I just do my best to ignore it.

So, anyway, all this brings me to this video I found on YouTube. When I need to settle down a little, I watch this video of a relaxing Sunday cruise through St Cloud.

Check it out;

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