ST. JOSEPH -- We all want to live a healthier lifestyle, especially as we get older and Blue Cross Blue Shield is lending a helping hand.

The organization has launched a new series of events called GROW BOLD to help teach you about healthy eating, fitness and more.

Former KARE 11 journalist Diana Pierce is an advocate for healthy eating and emcee of the event. She says it all starts with the willingness to change.

You just take one baby step. You didn't get in an unhealthy living situation overnight and you won't change it overnight.

The GROW BOLD series was held Monday at Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center in St. Joseph, teaching people how to improve their overall fitness, hear from local vendors and learn how to cook delicious recipes.

Pierce says just because life slows down, doesn't mean your health needs to as well.

Slowing down doesn't mean you have to give up. Be physically active, eat healthier and make those changes you always knew you needed to do and now you have the time to do it.

Over 300 people attended the two sold-out workshops. Pierce says she expects the workshops to be a valuable resource across the state and looks forward to helping inspire others.

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