ST. JOSEPH -- After a lot of speculation since we told you they were negotiating to buy the old St. Joseph City Hall, Bad Habit took to Facebook to make a "big" announcement.

They're moving... a wall.

The brewery decided to take the recent attention into their own hands and put up a video Thursday. In the video, they explained they're moving, but just a wall so they can expand their brewing capacity.

Co-owner Aaron Rieland says they just wanted to have some fun since they've been in the news so much lately.

"Kind of spur of the moment yesterday, we just thought, let's do a video. Let's do one that makes it looks like we're moving, then we'll "drop a bomb" and tell everyone we're just moving a wall. It's pretty crazy the [amount] of calls we got last night."

They'll be knocking down a small wall in their taproom, which will make room for three new fermenters.

Rieland says they're still working toward the old city hall building, they hope to know more by July.

"We've had some discussion with the city, we're just working through a few final things, and hopefully we can pull the trigger on it in July."

St. Joseph City Administrator Judy Weyrens tells WJON that they have an executed purchase agreement with the brewery. Reiland says they've got a 90-day "due diligence" period built in, so they can bring in some contractors for estimates before they sign off completely.

Meanwhile, you'll still get the full range of Bad Habit brews at their Millstream location.

Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON
Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON

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