ST. CLOUD -- An August hearing has been canceled for a St. Joseph man who faces attempted murder charges against his estranged wife.

A judge has ruled Gary Vogt is incompetent and a petition to commit him to treatment is being filed in hopes of rehabilitating him to face the charges. The 67-year-old is accused of ramming his estranged's wife's SUV with his pickup and shooting at her.

Vogt has been charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder.

The incident happened last October when the two met on Stearns County Road 2 as they headed in opposite directions. Vogt allegedly turned around and pulled up to the woman's vehicle and told her to pull over. She refused. That's when witnesses say Vogt swerved and rammed the woman's SUV numerous times and fired a gun toward her vehicle. Vogt is accused of ultimately causing her to drive off the road and firing another shot into her vehicle, striking her in the back.

Vogt was later stopped and arrested. Records show he told police he had "snapped." He also told a witness earlier in the day he was depressed that his wife had left him, that he was upset she had filed a Harrassment Restraining Order against him.

The victim was treated a head wound and a bullet wound to her back.