ST. CLOUD -- A St. Joseph couple says they will not challenge a Stearns County decision to deny a conditional use permit to build a trap shooting range.

Bryan and Lisa Brophy have been working to get approval for the range on their 71-acre parcel of land near the 400 Club.

Back in June, commissioners voted 3-1 to deny the trap shooting range request.

Brophy says the county disregarded all expert analysis, including the 400 foot width requirement, NRA certified range expert approval, sound analysis, and letters of support from residents, which showed the site as a viable location.

He adds while they feel very good about getting the denial reversed, the amount of legal fees, alienation of local residents, time, and possible future restrictions they could face moving forward outweigh the pros at this time.

Brophy says while the range was an opportunity missed, it was never their intention to negatively impact the lives of those who had legitimate concerns.

He regrets that what has gotten lost in all of this, is the growing need to create more access for kids shooting on high school trap teams in the area.