MEIRE GROVE -- A central Minnesota Catholic school celebrated its 100th year with a social event bringing all alumni back to school.

The event featured a root beer float social followed by a mass service and dinner.

The school's principal, Sister Suzanne Slominski, says over 300 former students were invited to the day of celebration.

"I see a lot of people I know," Slominski says. "And I'm proud of the job my students are doing [helping out] with the event and the parents have been really supportive."

Former principal Nick Demuth says the best part of the day is being able to catch up with his former students.

"I've talked to about 25 people that I knew [in 15 minutes]," Demuth says. "It's fun to see them again and some of the students that were here when I was principal [have] grown and gotten married and have children."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON