COLLEGEVILLE - St. John's Abbey has responded to more allegations of sexual abuse.

The Abbey released a written statement today (Tuesday) saying "The Abbey is saddened and shocked to learn of allegations of sexual abuse in the mid-60s against one of it's deceased members, Abbot Timothy Kelly.  In accordance with its Policy, St. John's Abbey has begun an investigation of the accusation."

The statement went on to say St. John's has a "Policy on Sexual Abuse and Sexual Explotation."

A New York man has sued the Order Of St. Benedict and St. John's Abbey, alleging former Abbot Timothy Kelley abused him in 1966 and 1967 at a Bronx church.   Kelly became an abbot at St. John's in 1992.

Two former monks at St. John's Abbey say the monastery fosters a culture of sexual secrecy that comes from the top. Patrick Wall and Richard Sipe joined St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson on Tuesday to announce the lawsuit.  Sipe says the institute was just part of a cover-up of sexual abuse by priests and monks at St. John's.

Kelly died last year.

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