ST. CLOUD -- At least one local lawmaker is going to be focused on tax cuts during the state legislative session. Republican Senator Jerry Relph of St. Cloud was on the News @ Noon Show on Friday.

He says with a projected budget surplus of $1.3 billion he says we are being overtaxed and he is dedicated to finding ways to cut taxes.

One of those is the tax on social security.  Minnesota is one of the very few states left that still does that.

He says our high taxes are driving people away from the state.

Minnesota is losing population, and more importantly income earning population, at a faster pace than we've lost it over many years.  One of the primary reasons from what can be determined is tax.

Relph says we will have a better idea of where the state is at with the budget when the new forecast comes out later this month.

As for this year's bonding bill, Relph says the legislature needs to be careful if it goes beyond $750 million. He says the state has an obligation to help communities with their infrastructure needs and that should be their highest priority. However, he says he does support St. Cloud's bonding request for upgrades to the Municipal Athletic Complex.

This year's state legislative session begins at noon on Tuesday.

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