ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man has been sentenced to 15-and-a-half years in a federal prison for possession with intent to sell a large amount of methamphetamine. Thirty-seven-year-old Donald Schlichting pleaded guilty after federal prosecutors took over the case from Stearns County.

Court records show Schlichting was stopped by St. Cloud Police in February 2017. The officer discovered two pounds of methamphetamine in the car. Additional charges were added against Schlichting after he had a car delivered to him from Arizona containing more than 10 pounds of meth about one month later.

Authorities were notified March 28th, 2017 that a New Mexico state trooper stopped a truck hauling a car containing meth and headed for Minnesota. Court records show the car was to be delivered to Schlichting in Clearwater.

The Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force sent an undercover officer to deliver the vehicle to Schlichting the following day.

Schlichting and another man, 47-year-old Leland Siegel were arrested after picking up the car and accessing the hidden compartment where the drugs were stored. Siegel's case is still moving through the court system.