FOLEY -- A St. Cloud man accused of raping a woman he had a relationship with has pleaded guilty to a separate charge through a plea agreement.

The Benton County Attorney's Office says 55-year-old Richard Coenen has pleaded guilty to a felony count of violating a Domestic Abuse No-Contact Order.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim said Coenen had been drinking on a January night in 2019 when he began calling her names and pushed the woman down where she hit her head and blacked out.

The woman told police that when she awoke, she was not wearing any underwear, had a different pair of pajama pants on, and noticed signs of sexual intercourse. The woman told police she didn't remember any of the events before regaining consciousness and that the sex was not consensual.

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Records show Coenen told police he had sex with the woman but that it was implied consent.

A second complaint was filed last month when a sheriff's deputy went to pick up Coenen on an arrest warrant. Coenen told the officer he had to call someone to care for his dog. The deputy learned of the DANCO that was in place and heard Coenen say the name of a woman who was coming over to watch the dog. Coenen then admitted she was the alleged victim in the previous case file.

Coenen will be sentenced in June, at which time the criminal sexual conduct and domestic assault charges will be dismissed.


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