FOLEY -- A 53-year-old St. Cloud man is charged with raping a woman he has a relationship with while she was unconscious.

The incident happened Saturday night at a residence in the 200-block of Wilson Avenue Northeast in St. Cloud.

According to the complaint filed in Benton County District Court, Richard Coenen had been drinking Saturday night when he began calling the woman names and pushed the woman down where she hit her head and blacked out.

The woman told police when she awoke, she was not wearing any underwear, had a different pair of pajama pants on, and noticed signs of sexual intercourse. The woman told police she didn't remember any of the events before regaining consciousness and that the sex was not consensual.

Records show Coenen told police he had sex with the woman but that it was implied consent.

Coenen is charged with two felony counts of 1st-degree criminals sexual conduct two counts of felony domestic assault and one count of felony 3rd-degree assault.