ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man is charged with 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon after another man was stabbed in the leg.

According to the charges, St. Cloud Police responded to a home in the 5,000 block of Flintwood Road Saturday.

Officers met with a man who said 24-year-old Derrick Burns stabbed him in the back of his thigh following an argument.

Court records show the victim was on the phone with his grandmother and was talking about moving out when Burns allegedly got up into his face. The victim said he thought Burns was going to punch him so he shoved Burns away. That's when the victim said Burns pulled out a knife and cut him.

Records show the victim ran to the house and locked himself inside until police arrived.

Burns told officers he was on the phone when the victim punched him and a tussle broke out. He denied stabbing the victim but said a knife fell out of his pocket and the victim ran into the house when he saw it.

Police say they spotted what they thought was a knife under the back seat of Burns' car and got a search warrant. A search of the car turned up a switchblade which appeared to have blood on it.

Records also show Burns made a call from jail asking his sister to get everything out from under his car seat and suggested the victim may have planted a knife there and they needed to go get it.

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