ST. CLOUD -- We officially got up to 90 degrees in St. Cloud Wednesday.

That's our 5th day in the 90s already this month. It's also our 9th 90-plus day so far this year.

June 1st -- 93 degrees
June 8th -- 96 degrees
June 16th -- 93 degrees
June 17th -- 91 degrees

July 2nd -- 91 degrees
July 3rd -- 90 degrees
July 4th -- 90 degrees
July 5th -- 91 degrees
July 8th -- 90 degrees

Two years ago we had 13 days in the 90s and we average just over 11 each year.

Last year we only had four days in the 90s here in St. Cloud.

It looks like we're going to stay above normal for temperatures for the next few weeks as well.

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