ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud area school district is looking to buy more property adjacent to Clark Field for a future building on the site.

The land involves a home and yard to the northwest of the field and is expected to cost $115,000. District 742 executive director of business services, Kevin Januszewski, says the land would give them more space for parking.

"It's in the corner of our property, so it's just to square it all the way off, it gives additional parking for the planned building that's eventually going to go on there."

The land would be paid for with insurance proceeds and lease levy funds.

Clark Field (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

The new building on Clark Field will house early childhood education, community education, the district welcome center, media services and the administrative offices.

The building is estimated to cost $25 million and would be funded by a $10 million lease levy, $6 million in insurance proceeds and with money ($2.3 million) from the recent sale of the Colts Academy building to St. Joseph.

The district says putting a new building on the field would be more cost-effective compared to renovating the Tech site for the programs, which would cost an estimated $35 million. It would maintain a school district presence in the neighborhood and would also create a central location for the programs and departments.

The district is working to find alternative sites for practices and games that were being held on Clark Field. Possible options include St. Cloud State University, the South Junior High field, Selke Field, Discovery Community School or Talahi Community School.

Clark Field was closed to Tech High School varsity football in 2012 due to mold concerns.

The school board is expected to approve the land purchase during their Wednesday night meeting. The board is also expected to approve calls for bids for the new Clark Field building.

Highlighted in red: the land the District is looking to buy. (Photo: District 742)