St. Cloud area Catholic Schools will continue with in-person learning going forward.  Cathedral Activities Director and spokesman Emmett Keenan joined me on WJON today.  He says the infection rate with Covid-19 within the Cathedral and Catholic School community hasn't spread to a level where they feel they need to change their learning models at this this time.  He says they have had some Covid-19 positive cases with staff and students and have taken the necessary steps with quarantine and contact traces but the level of spread hasn't gotten out of control.


St. Cloud Area Schools (District 742) announced plans on snow days to do distance learning.  Keenan says Cathedral and St. Cloud area Catholic schools would like ask students to log in for part of those snow days but wouldn't require a typical full day of class online.

Keenan says volleyball has gone well and they have figured out how to do indoor sporting events with small amounts of fans in attendance.  He says that bodes well for basketball and they are working with Todd Bissett at the MAC in St. Cloud to see how they can handle home hockey events.  Keenan says wrestling could be more of a challenge but remains confident they can figure something out.

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