ST. CLOUD -- A locally-owned coffee roasting company that opened early last year is now ready to expand with a new coffee shop.

Kinder Coffee Lab is planning on creating a coffee shop in the Youth For Christ building along Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud.

The business will include a drive-thru, which got approval from the St. Cloud City Council during their meeting Monday night.

Guy Magno is one of three owners of the business. He says what will make them stand out in the crowded coffee market is their attention to coffee.

We're not a restaurant, we're not going to be cooking any food.  That's one of the distinctions where a lot of coffee shops have a pretty food-forward menu, we're going to be a coffee shop that really focuses on serving coffee.  And then serve some pastries from our friends at Backwards Bread.

Magno says they plan to create a really beautiful coffee shop experience in what used to be a former auto detailing space in that building.

They hope to be open by late winter or early spring next year.

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Kinder Coffee Lab via Facebook
Kinder Coffee Lab via Facebook

He says they were just about to open a coffee shop early last year right before COVID-19 started to impact businesses.

As the pandemic hit we pivoted and we shifted to meet the people where they were at. So in the spring of 2020 people were at home and we pivoted to a coffee roasting company.

Kinder Coffee Lab currently offers monthly deliveries or one-time purchases on its website. You can also find them in local Coborns and Cashwise stores.

They plan to maintain and grow that side of the business as well.

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