ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Artists, teachers, and students can pick up some free art supplies at St. Cloud City Hall. The SCRAPS room - which stands for St. Cloud Recycled Art Project Shop - is open on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Arts Commission Coordinator Jennifer Penzkover says it is a clearing house of stuff that anyone can take for art activities.

On Monday evenings we're testing out what we're calling Maker Mondays where you can come in and actually make at the site.  On April 24th we will have an artist doing some book binding out of all recycled materials.

Penzkover says they still have the Art-O-Mat as well, which is currently located at the St. Cloud Friends of the Library Bookstore. It is a former cigarette vending machine that has been converted to vend original artwork for $5 each.

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Once again this summer, children in St. Cloud will get the chance to work on art projects right in their own neighborhoods. Penzkover says they have partnered with the Yes Network for the past several summers on the program.

It has art teachers going out to eight different neighborhoods throughout the summer Monday through Thursday and they spend about an hour doing art with the kids in the neighborhoods.

Penzkover says you can support arts programs in St. Cloud with the Change for Arts option where you round up your city utility bill. It could never be more than $6 a year because you get six utility bills throughout the year. The Arts Commission then uses those funds for grants for artists and neighborhoods that want to work together. Change for Arts on average collects $4,200 annually.


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