ST. CLOUD -- A local wildlife rehabilitation center is asking for your help finding who has been shooting darts at animals in St. Cloud.

Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation President Robbi Hoy says on Thursday they started receiving calls about several squirrels with darts in their bodies along Kilian Blvd.

I received a photo with a squirrel with a dart in its face and back. Since then I received more photos with different squirrels with darts in them, and heard of a rabbit with a dart in its back, but I haven't seen a photo of the animal yet.

She says not only is shooting a weapon within city limits a crime, but cruelty to animals, and are asking anyone with information to step up and help find the person responsible.

I just received a tip with a name attached to it. It will be passed on to the DNR Enforcement Officers so the situation should be taken care of sooner rather than later if the tip pans out.

As for the animals, Hoy is asking anyone who lives in the area to help safely trap the injured animals and bring them to the center so they can be treated for their injuries and released back into the wild.

Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation began in 2008 to help rehab and release a variety of animals back into the wild. The organization became a non-profit in 2019.

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