ST. CLOUD -- You will likely see more state troopers on Interstate 94 in central Minnesota Tuesday.

The interstate stretching from Monticello to Sauk Centre will be the focus of the Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic - or HEAT - patrol.

State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow says the goal of the campaign isn't about the number of citations issued, but instead about changing bad driving behaviors.

Our fatal crashes in Minnesota are getting way too high.  The main contributor to that is speeding.  So, by putting extra patrols out there, we're just trying to get folks to slow down.

Grabow says they announce the locations of the HEAT patrols ahead of time so that drivers have a chance to change their driving habits before they get stopped by a trooper.

Other areas being focused on today include Highway 10 between Moorhead and Staples, Highway 2 between East Grand Forks and Crookston, Highway 2 between Bagley and Bemidji, and Highway 11 between Stathcona and Warroad.

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Grabow says special HEAT patrols will continue throughout greater Minnesota all summer long.

We just try to mix it up as far as where we're going to be.  There's always law enforcement out and about, but the HEAT patrols are part of an effort putting extra effort in those areas.

HEAT Patrols have been happening in the Twin Cities for the past few months already.

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