UNDATED -- Are you willing to bet on yourself that you can quit smoking?

Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute is testing this new innovative way to help people quit smoking by letting them bet on themselves and win real money.

The new game is called QuitBet and it is being funded by a National Institutes of Health research grant.

Players commit to quit smoking over four weeks and bet $30 on themselves, which goes into the pot. You then get a free breath testing device to track your daily progress. In the end, all the players who managed to quit smoking for the four weeks win their money back plus they split the pot with the other winners. They say winners typically double their money.

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The game is developed by digital-health company WayBetter which also has other products like DietBet and StepBet.

To signup for the QuitBet study, you need to download the app on your phone.

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