ST. CLOUD -- The second of two suspects charged in a St. Joseph park robbery last April has pleaded guilty.

Eighteen-year-old Sebastian Terres of St. Joseph pleaded guilty to felony 1st-degree aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon. Seventeen-year-old Tanner Crane of Rice pleaded guilty to the same charge in August.

Officers were called to Millstream Park on the morning of April 27th and met with a 21-year-old Rice man who said he was robbed and assaulted by two people.

Police were able to find two young men matching the description of the suspects riding bikes nearby. Police say when the pair spotted officers they ditched their bikes and took off on foot into the woods. They were arrested at gunpoint and police say two handguns were found at the scene.

According to the charges, the victim was fishing when the teens drove up on the bicycles and asked how the fishing was.

Court records show, Terres then hit the victim in the back of the head and when he turned around, Terres and Crane were holding handguns and demanded his wallet. When the victim initially refused, the teens are accused of racking the chamber of the guns and began counting down from three. The victim gave them his wallet and they fled the scene.

Crane will be sentenced in December and Terres will be sentenced in January.

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