Photo: Richard Leguil, WJON

ST. CLOUD -- After much deliberation, the St. Cloud Area School board has officially decided to sell the former Wilson building.

On Wednesday night the board approved putting the building up for sale with no specified list price. They will be using Granite City Real Estate to list the property.

School board member and finance committee chair Al Dahlgren says they will then wait 30 days before reviewing any offers they receive.

After 30 days when we do look at those, the finance committee will look at them. We will bring them all forward to the school board, that’s what I want you to know. The finance committee isn’t going to say we’ve decided this one so that’s the only one we’re going to present to the board. We will bring them all forward to the school board for a discussion.

If no offers come in during that time, the waiting period to review will be extended to 90 days. Interested buyers are asked to include a proposal detailing their intended use of the property as part of their offer.

Dahlgren says two additional lots owned by the district will not be listed right away.

The finance committee said that we are not going to list the lots, but it will be in the listing that the school district owns the two lots adjacent and an interested person could include that in their offer if they would like to purchase those.

The decision to sell the building follows a community input session and a finance committee meeting held earlier this month.

The district plans to put the property on the market as early as next week.

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