Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  He says the largest walleye he's ever caught is 32-incher and he's caught many in that 30-inch range.  He says that size of fish doesn't come around every day.  Glen says the state record will probably never be broken.  It was caught on the gun flint trail on the Sea Gull River in the 1970s and was 17 pounds and 6 ounces.  He says at that time fishing on that stretch of the river was allowed during the spawn.  Schmitt says that stretch isn't allowed to be fished right now and hasn't been for years during the spawn.  He says 11 to 12 pound walleyes around here is a pretty good walleye.  Schmitt says in Montana, the Columbia river and some locations in Canada have consistently produced large fish.  He says food source and genetics is the likely reason why some locations produce large fish.


Glen says when looking for big fish he tends to look in deeper water in the main lake.  He says if he's looking for large numbers of fish he fish the shallows.  Schmitt says the Horse Show Chain of lakes in the Richmond/Cold Spring area is a good source of walleyes in Central Minnesota.  Schmitt says Lake Koronis in Paynesville is also a good lake for large numbers of fish but not necessarily big size.

Warm weather is expected this weekend.  Glen says water temperatures right now are about 67 degrees.  He says weed lines and weed flats are good locations to have success this weekend.

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