It isn't new that ice fishermen leave trash on the ice but Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News says on Red Lake in the Blackduck area a conservation officer is reporting that someone dumped their sewage from the ice house holding tank on the ice.  Schmitt says it is illegal to do that or to leave trash on the ice. He says conservation officers will write tickets for those who violate the laws.  Schmitt says most people who ice fish pick up after themselves but every year some violate the laws and receive fines. He says it's just common sense that whatever you bring to the ice take with you when you leave.

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Schmitt says with the coldest month of the year now behind us he is optimistic that we'll see great weather and great ice fishing in Central Minnesota in February.  He says walleye tend to bite more on cloudy days with sun fish biting more on sunny days in the winter.  He understands that most people fish when they have time and the weather isn't something they can control.  Schmitt says Saturday is looking like it will be a good day for ice fishing.

Schmitt says the Winter Severity Index is something the DNR uses to measure the severity the winter has on the deer herd.  It is calculated from the beginning of November until the end of May.  The DNR adds one point when the air temperature is at or below zero and an addition point when the snow depth is 15 inches or more in a given area.  Through the end of January most of the state is in the mild category which is good for the deer herd.  He says things are looking good for a large potion of the deer population to pull through the winter.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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