Turkey hunting season is April 14 to May 31 in Minnesota.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today. He says turkeys have been more prevalent in Central Minnesota over the years and have been active for the past for weeks.  Glen expects a good turkey hunting season and for many people to be participating.  He says hunting and fishing saw a great year last year and this year is looking very similar.  Glen says if you plan on turkey hunting you should plan ahead and get all the ammunition and supplies you need now because demand is up and product availability has been in short supply due to Covid-19 and the shipping of product.


Ice fishing season appears to coming to an end.  Glen says he's moving on to the next season and is done ice fishing for season.  He says we are likely to have an early ice out but it's not that much earlier than normal.  Schmitt and his oldest son went ice fishing last weekend in Northern Minnesota and says the fishing was great and it's a shame ice fishing has to come to an end a bit early.

Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago completed a wolf hunting season.  Glen says if Minnesota chooses to bring back a wolf hunting season he expects it to coincide with deer season.  He says that was done in the past and went well.  He says wolves are no longer considered to be federally protected which enables state to hold wolf seasons.

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