The river water levels are at historic lows but despite this fishing the river could be a good idea.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON Thursday.  He says because of low water levels the pockets of deep water is likely the location that fish are congregating.  Schmitt says there are many spots in the Mississippi River that you can walk further out than usual and probably some spots where you can walk all the way across the river.  Schmitt says the Minnesota River has a wide variety of fish species and can be a unique experience.  Because of low water levels boating down the river can be a challenge but fishing below the dam in St. Cloud can be a option for those want to walk.

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During the fishing season spend a significant amount of time talking about walleyes.  Glen says panfish can be a great target for beginners and those looking for something other than walleye.  He says many Central Minnesota lakes have an abundance of crappies and sun fish.  Glen says these fish are also good fish to eat.  Schmitt says fishing early and late are the most productive times with this warm weather.  He suggests fishing along weed lines and in rocky areas can be good spots to find panfish.

The Starry Stonewort invasive species was found on Leech Lake in Northern Minnesota last week.  Glen says it was originally found in southern Minnesota and isn't sure how it was transferred to Leech.  He is hopeful that the DNR and officials at Leech Lake found it early and can control the spread of it on the lake.

Glen Schmitt joins me every Thursday at 8:40 a.m.  Learn more about Outdoor News.  Listen to this week's conversation below.



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