The walleye fishing opener was last Saturday in Minnesota.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON Thursday.  He says the opener wasn't as good for fishing as past openers in large part due to the weather. The DNR says fishing license sales are up this year by 5% from last year despite the high popularity of fishing last year due to the pandemic.  He says there is some frustration with the new DNR requirement where a spouse can purchase a license for each other but they must be present to get that license.

Glen expects the fishing to improve with some rain and cloudy skies which are forecasted for this weekend. Schmitt says they need that rain to "dirty up the water a bit".  He says that will improve walleye fishing and should allow for good fishing during the midday not just early morning and in the evening.  He expects the best fishing of the year to come between now and Memorial Day.


As for last weekend Schmitt says he found success fishing in shallow water in about the 3 to 5 inches range.  He believes in minnow as his bait of choice now and throughout the summer.  He says crappies and bluegills are good options for people who may be struggling to get that walleye.  Schmitt says to look for them in the bull rushes and near docks.

A bear cub was spotted on the southeast side of St. Cloud this week.  Glen says there is more bears in Stearns, Benton and Meeker county that we might think.  He says there has been a steady migration south from northern Minnesota of black bears in recent years.

Glen Schmitt joins me on WJON every Thursday at 8:40 a.m.  Learn more about Outdoor News.

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