Temperatures in the single digits later this week will strengthen the ice conditions locally.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON late last week.  He says blue gill and crappie fishing has been great but walleye fishing hasn't been yet locally.  Schmitt says the expected firmer ice conditions will lead to better flexibility for anglers looking for walleye.  He says when temperatures stay below freezing and drop below or near zero degrees we make ice quickly.

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Schmitt says panfish and crappie fishing has been great locally.  He says his sons had a lot of success fishing on Red Lake in northern Minnesota.  Schmitt says the ice conditions there are great and the fishing was outstanding.  He says they have 14 to 15 inches of ice on the south shore.  Schmitt expects a busy stretch of ice fishing locally in part because of people taking time off around the holidays.

Schmitt says he likes to move around when it comes to ice fishing but if the fish are biting he would set up in one spot.  He says fishing near the collection of ice houses on lakes can be successful because these houses are typically set up in the location they are at because they've had success.  Schmitt says there are two ways to do this: move to find fish or wait it out until they come to you.

If you'd like to learn more about ice fishing and all things outdoors go to Outdoor News.com.  Listen to my conversation with Glen below.





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